4elements Zweethut
ZA 23 november | 13.00-21.00 uur | Groesbeek


Welcome, this will be a special sweat lodge, a journey through the elements. Experience the power of nature and make the connection.Program
An inner journey through the healing of air, water, fire and earth.13:30 Arrival with tea and light food
14:00 Opening in talking circle / opening prayer
14:30 Lighting the fire, preparing the cabin and space
15:00 Air and Water - Breathing and cold bath
16:00 Earth and Fire - sweat lodge
20:00 Closing with potluckBy participating in this ceremony you step into an energy field that makes it possible to reconnect or deepen your own nature.
Inti Wasi leads the sweat lodge ceremony and David Timmermans will guide the fire. They will create an energy field of healing and cleansing, an atmosphere of relaxation and respect, for you to be open and safe.Team
Inti Wasi gives Inipi cleansing ceremonies, cocoa ceremonies and other plant ceremonies for quite some time. Inti will be the water poorer.
David Black Boar has a lot of experience with sweat lodges and knows about Noorse mythology and traditions. He will be the fireman.
Rens van Meegen is the host and supervisor, he gives the breathing and cold water bath. He invites and guides you on this journey.What do you get from participating?
This experience is intended for everyone who needs more inner peace and mental resilience or for those who are in a process and want to take steps forward.

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Woeste Hoogte
Biessetsebaan, 12
6561KC Groesbeek

Rens van Meegen
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